Month: April 2017

Bandcamp Weekly interview with Tamar

Just before the release of ‘The Search’ Tamar talked to Bandcamp Weekly about the band, the new album & its artwork, and the life of a freelance musician…listen back here:


As Collocutor, Tamar Osborn Infuses Jazz With Influences From Around the World

Bandcamp Daily


For more with Tamar Osborn, tune into the February 21 edition of Bandcamp Weekly.

“I’ve always been interested in music from other places, of what happens when humans from different cultures interact, seeing which ideas stick and how it comes together to create something new and redefining. And, hopefully, that comes through in the music,” Tamar Osborn says. Her journey toward that goal is apparent on her new album, The Search. Osborn’s background in Afrobeat, modal jazz, folk, R&B, and classical have led to a place where her ensemble Collocutor possess a sound that is difficult to categorize, but easy to embrace.

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