The Search


Tamar Osborn – baritone sax, soprano sax (track 5), alto flute

Simon Finch – trumpet, flugelhorn

Mike Lesirge – tenor sax, soprano sax (tracks 1, 7)

Marco Piccioni – guitar

Suman Joshi – bass

Magnus Mehta – percussion (most membranophones, udu, ghatam and other ingenuous pieces of craftsmanship gathered around the world)

Maurizio Ravalico – percussion (mostly found objects; hit, bowed, scratched, rubbed against each other, often on top of a 20″ metal surdo)

Tracks 1, 3, 5, & 7-10 written by Tamar Osborn

Track 2 written by Suman Joshi, Mike Lesirge and Tamar Osborn

Track 4 written by Magnus Mehta and Marco Piccioni

Track 6 written by Simon Finch and Maurizio Ravalico

Recorded at Fish Factory Studio, London, 13th-15th January 2016

Engineered and mixed by Leon Brichard
Co-produced by Tamar Osborn and Leon Brichard
Except: 6) Conversation 3 (digital album only) – engineered, mixed and produced by  Simon Finch and Maurizio Ravalico

Mastered by Frank Merritt at The Carvery

Artwork by Victoria Topping

Released by On The Corner Records 2017