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And another great review, this time from Italy (thanks again google translate!)

“Collocutor is a beautiful modal jazz project, formed and directed by saxophonist and composer Tamar Osborn (aka Tamar Collocutor). Drawing on far-reaching influences, from the electric era of Miles Davis to minimalism through Indian classical music and Ethiopian sound, the latter output is certainly the best: the disc is a suite, which cradles the ear through meditative situations and peak moments of absolute distortion. The soft sound of the winds takes the listener into a sort of continuous dialogue, between shooting themes and astral contemplations. The Indian percussion of the first songs creates a strong expectation for what is going to happen next, where in Pause the disc opens with a broken and more energetic groove. The climax is reached in The Angry One, a hysterical song bordering a certain radical free jazz. It is very interesting to observe how these songs work together so well, evolving continuously without being boring and repetitive. “Continuation” is proof that Collocutors are a formidable ensemble, and Tamar Osborn is confirmed as one of the best composers of this period.”