mixtape for The Jazz Meet

Here’s a little mix Tamar did for The Jazz Meet, exploring some of the inspirations behind writing our forthcoming 2nd album ‘The Search’:



Collocutor – Gozo

Thank you nopressurestomp 🙂


I started following On the Corner Records when a guest (Edgar Moon) on my radio show played “Agama” by Collocutor off their debut album “Instead”. Since then I have been a fan. On the Corner don’t conform, they don’t sell out in the name of money. When you allow artists to be creative sometimes they create something brilliant. Take an already great track from the album ” Gozo”  produced by Nick Woodmansey (AKA Emanative) give it to The Expansions and hey presto In my humble opinion the best track of the year so far. It has everything I love a driving heavy head nodding drum, amazing brass and electronic drops. I don’t think I’ve had such a positive reaction about a track on my show simply perfection. I’m hoping for them this gets the exposure it deserves so the label can keep doing what they do well, not conforming.

Listen here: https://onthecornerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/gozo

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