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Love this narrative interpretation of The Search – go to the original post to see the full story!

Ban Ban Ton Ton

Collocutor`s music tells tales. The band`s debut, Instead, had the vibe of Tom Waits running with Rain Dogs and Beats through Sondheim and Bernstein`s gangland Westside. Of Nelson Algren and Hubert Selby Jr.`s NYC. Junk and Tra La La. Late night rapping with Kerouac and Cassady, high on Benzedrine and Tea. Poetry and all that Jazz. The artwork to their sophomore release, The Search, also inspires imagined narratives. With graphics that hark back to the heyday of Straight No Chaser. When Jazz meant everything new. Where a bright collage of patterns and geometrics describe mountains and rivers. Reflect a super red sun in orange and purple. Demark a citadel. Towers and minarets. Watched over by all-seeing eyes. Our hosts, the players, wrapped in magical, psychedelic cloaks. Given this colourful landscape, this time out perhaps the story Collocutor aim to spin is more One Thousand and One Nights

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Test presses for ‘The Search’ and radio play from Gilles Peterson!

A great way to round off 2016!

Way back in January we went into the studio to record our second album ‘The Search’. Test presses finally landed a few weeks ago, and one of the tracks was featured on Gilles Peterson’s BBC 6Music show on 17th December:

News about the release date coming soon!

Contours remix of Agama now available!

Brand new remix of our tune Agama courtesy of Contours available NOW via the On The Corner Records bandcamp page – general release 17th June. Time to hit the dance floor!


A few reactions:

Absolutely excellent! Loving it ….. :-D) Laurent Garnier 
“Puts the ‘ass’ in ‘class'” – Jeremy Sole (KCRW / theLIFT / Le Frique Sonique) 

F!@* yeah. Dom Servini (Amazing Radio/ Wah Wah 45s) 

like someone recreating a Larry Heard / Robert Owens classic live while Fela & Africa 70 ride atop of the resulting groove. Dr Rob (Test Press) 

This not ‘On The Corner’ this ‘On The MONEY’, loving it to bits!! 

Mike Allin 

yes… 🙂 

Sara Garvey 

 (Comfy Bella Show) 


Kust0: (Tropical Temple) 

oooof! mega, loving it


(Santuri Safari) 

black classical 

DOPE GUYS !!! Simbad 

Fuck…what a brilliant trac…I love it, OtC on fire baby. 
keep on keeping on. Rich Thair (Red Snapper) 

TUNE!!!!!!!! Mike Chadwick (Jazz FM) 

Extremely pleasant! Will LV (Brownswood) 

WHHHOOOAAAA!!!! – Early throwdown for tune of the year…. 
Jheeze……….. (Charlie Curran 
- Naim)

Hear more from Contours here:

UK Vibe interview with Tamar

Online jazz magazine UK Vibe recently interviewed Tamar about the inspirations and processes behind bringing Collocutor’s music to life:

Tamar Osborn


(photo by Gavin Mills)